Knitting via Zoom

Getting a great reaction to our Knitting Group which we started during last Lockdown in 2020.We are currently knitting our COVID Throw, each person is knitting a square, 30 stitches, 38 rows on 4 mm needles using double knitting wool. So if you would like to join us on Zoom, as you stay at home, please give me a ring at; 087 4335047, or drop me an Email to: We are starting back this Monday evening coming, the 18th January, at 7 pm. Pauline Community Health Worker

Yoga via Zoomin

Back by popular demand: Yoga via Zoomin your own home, with the wonderful Wendi. Yoga with a difference, a combination of Chair and Standing Yoga. Come along and challenge yourself and gain the physical and mental well being benefits from Yoga.
Starting back on Thursday morning of next week, the 21st January at 10 am.
If you would like to get involved contact me, Pauline, at 087-4335047 or Email me at :

Cooking for One – Christmas Dinner

For this, the finale of our Cooking for One series, we took a look at Christmas Dinner

A traditional Christmas Dinner made simple is on the menu for tonight. With a little bit of consideration to preparation, timings, and quantities you are buying you will be able to recreate a very simple dinner that doesn’t lack on flavour.

Buy local, buy fresh and buy the right amounts.

We also did a little starter of Smoked Salmon terrine with Crab and Apple, Apple may seem like an odd pairing to some but the tartness of the apple cuts through the richness very well.

Below are PDF and Word copies of all the recipes along with a couple of notes on timings and produce selection.

Cooking for One – Breakfast Week 2

Another Saturday and another set of healthy nutritious breakfasts to choose from, we did three dishes this week.

Avocado and Spinach Smoothie Bowl is the ultimate ‘superfood’ breakfast, simply a bright green smoothie packed with fruits, topped with an array of textures, today we had Passion Fruit, Toasted Coconut, Goji Berries and Chia Seeds

Banana Pancakes are the pancake version of banana bread, and to me a much simpler yet far more delicious pancake, great for using up overripe bananas.

Scrambled Egg is a breakfast favourite, this method using very low and gentle heating ensure the water doesn’t leak out of them as is so often the case with badly made scrambled egg. I served it with some delicious smoked salmon, crème fraiche and blinis, which are a savoury pancake but toast works equally as well

Below are Word and PDF copies of the recipes

Cooking for One – Week 5

This week we looked at a true classic a Fish Pie, and also some of the most underrated dinner options, soup. Good hearty soups are as nutritious, fulfilling and enjoyable on a cold winters evening as any dish.

Fish pie can be made with any fish or shellfish you like, the key is using only raw fish and only cooking it once. Poaching the fish first and then baking will leave you with dry and hard fish. The sauce can be creamy, or just a veloute, you can add whatever veg you like, top with some mash and bake for a delicious fish supper.

Soups are so easy, the sort of thing that lasts 2 or 3 days, and an excellent way to use up vegetables. Use all the veg, clean them well but use stalks, skins, the whole lot. Even veg that is beginning to go soft or anything like that, soup is a great way to use them

I have added in a document on soup making in general as well as the 3 recipes.

Below are PDF and Word copies of the recipes.