Week 6 – Vegan

For the final week of our series, we are looking at 3 more vegan dishes perfect for Christmas Day

A Vegan fry encompasses all we love about a fried breakfast but has some interesting elements, you can pick and choose your favourite bits and of course add your own elements too.

Butternut Squash Wellington is an impressive main and perfect for Christmas day. You can add whatever flavors you like to the duxelles, all you need to do is make sure the moisture content of weather you have is minimal and it will work.

Chia seeds act just like oats, they absorb liquid and you can use any flavourings with the milk you like it doesnt have to be chocolate, serving with fresh or frozen fruit adds texture.

Week 5 – Vegan

Vegan Cookery can be a daunting task, but with some careful preparations and appreciation for natural ingredients you can really make something special

We start with a Vegan Lentil Shepards Pie, careful cooking, building of flavours and extracting the most out of the root vegetables along with the starchy lentils make this just as much a comfort food as the regular version. A sweet potato mash adds another flavour to this also

Jackfruit is a relatively new food to hit our shores, but this meaty fleshed fruit is an excellent way to add texture to a dish. This pulled BBQ version really hits the spot and a refreshing pineapple salsa to with it really adds lots of flavour.

French toast but without any eggs, this simple recipe replicates that lovely crunchy exterior, with a soft inside served with maple syrup. A lovely breakfast choice.

Week 4 – Diabetic Friendly

In the second part of our diabetic friendly dishes we looks at a breakfast, main course and dessert

Poached Eggs are the healthiest way to cook eggs and arguably the most delicious too, paired with nutrient rich hot smoked salmon and asparagus with a yogurt sauce that gives the same effect as a hollandaise with none of the fat

Everyone has their own version of curry but this recipe is just a little bit different, an immensely creamy dish, without any cream, Cashew nut cream is simple and effective but also adds flavor and all the benefits of nuts. You can use any curry flavoring, meats or vegetables you like.

Who doesn’t love chocolate, this dark chocolate tart ticks all the boxes, with flavors of coconut, almond and strawberry its makes the perfect diabetic friendly dessert. Make one big tart of individual portions

Week 3 – Diabetic Friendly

In the next part of our series we are looking at diabetic friendly foods. A diabetic diet is mainly low sugar and healthy.

Foods recommenced for Diabetics include: Salmon, Sardines, Herring, Anchovies, and Mackerel, Leafy greens, Avocados, Eggs, Chia seeds, Beans, Greek yogurt, Nuts, Broccoli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flaxseed, Apple Cider Vinegar, Strawberries, Garlic, Squash

Granola is a simple thing to make, and making your own means you can decide on your own flavours and you can moderate the sugar content, we used a maple syrup blended with a carob syrup to really push down the sugar content.

One pan fish dishes make for simple quick midweek meals, this healthy pan sheet recipe is easily customisable to use vegetables you like. Gremolata is a refreshing sauce to accompany any fish, don’t be afraid of the anchovies, not only are they excellent nutrition, they add flavour but not a fish flavour. Trust us, they are amazing.

Pannacotta is an Italian dessert tradionally made with cream and vanilla, this recipe replaces the cream with Greek Yoghurt, the addition of blackcurrant adds sweetness and the tea gives a deeply complex flavour worthy of any dinner party table. We used stevia sweetener instead of sugar to moderate the sugar content even more.

Week 2 – Gluten Free

This week we continued our look at gluten free cooking, to start we are using the pizza dough we made last week to create some pizzas, this week is more about the cooking method the pizza and can be used for any fresh pizza dough not just gluten free. Using the frying pan and grill method we replicate the characteristics of a pizza oven but also make it quick and easy cooking.

A lunch time favorite, a breakfast, or just an on the go snack, jambons are loved all around the country, and with our recipe you can recreate the delicious snack at home. Gluten Free shop bought pastry works well and is just as versatile as regular pastry as we show in this recipe. You can add any number of fillings you like instead of ham and cheese, you could try some cajun spiced chicken and vegetables, pesto coated courgette, even some philly beef style, the opportunities are endless.

Who doesn’t love Southern Fried Chicken, it is a family favorite and one that is quite easy to make gluten free, in fact the addition of potato starch or cornflour is a good idea regardless of gluten free or not as it just gives a crispness unlike regular flour. This recipe however makes use of the best appliance anyone could have, an airfyer, so not only do we get perfect Southern Fried Chicken, it is also infinitely healthier than the original method but equally good results. Of course if you don’t have an airfyer you can also cook these in the traditional way.