Gluten Free Baking

Welcome back to another series with Mallow Community Health Project

This week, we are looking at gluten free cooking, and more so baking. We did 3 videos, one of Gluten Free Brown Bread, an Easy Gluten Free White Bread, and Gluten Free Pizza Dough (we will make pizzas with them next week)

Trough many trials and tests, we came up with some recipes to make gluten free baking as accessible, but equally as tasty and noticeably the same as regular food items.

We found regular gluten free flours mixes, while good, were not designed for breads, the one we found that was perfect for breads was Caputo Fiorglut Gluten Free Flour. This was designed and blended for the purpose of bread making and makes the process so much more reliable and easy. We realise however that not everyone can buy online so we have also put a recipe up where you dont need to use the Caputo flour, we can essentially blend it ourselves with a mix of flours, however be warned, psyllium husk (the gluten substitute) can be hard to to work with at times and without enough acidity can turn purple, if this happens don’t worry, your purplish bread is still perfectly ok to eat and still just as delicious.

I have however only managed to find this to buy online in one shop in Ireland, however, if anyone does know where it can be bought please let us know. The link for the shop we found is below

Caputo Flour Gluten Free 1kg

Have a look at the extra recipes below too, be sure to comment your questions on the posts

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