Week 2 – Gluten Free

This week we continued our look at gluten free cooking, to start we are using the pizza dough we made last week to create some pizzas, this week is more about the cooking method the pizza and can be used for any fresh pizza dough not just gluten free. Using the frying pan and grill method we replicate the characteristics of a pizza oven but also make it quick and easy cooking.

A lunch time favorite, a breakfast, or just an on the go snack, jambons are loved all around the country, and with our recipe you can recreate the delicious snack at home. Gluten Free shop bought pastry works well and is just as versatile as regular pastry as we show in this recipe. You can add any number of fillings you like instead of ham and cheese, you could try some cajun spiced chicken and vegetables, pesto coated courgette, even some philly beef style, the opportunities are endless.

Who doesn’t love Southern Fried Chicken, it is a family favorite and one that is quite easy to make gluten free, in fact the addition of potato starch or cornflour is a good idea regardless of gluten free or not as it just gives a crispness unlike regular flour. This recipe however makes use of the best appliance anyone could have, an airfyer, so not only do we get perfect Southern Fried Chicken, it is also infinitely healthier than the original method but equally good results. Of course if you don’t have an airfyer you can also cook these in the traditional way.

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