Cooking for One – Week 5

This week we looked at a true classic a Fish Pie, and also some of the most underrated dinner options, soup. Good hearty soups are as nutritious, fulfilling and enjoyable on a cold winters evening as any dish.

Fish pie can be made with any fish or shellfish you like, the key is using only raw fish and only cooking it once. Poaching the fish first and then baking will leave you with dry and hard fish. The sauce can be creamy, or just a veloute, you can add whatever veg you like, top with some mash and bake for a delicious fish supper.

Soups are so easy, the sort of thing that lasts 2 or 3 days, and an excellent way to use up vegetables. Use all the veg, clean them well but use stalks, skins, the whole lot. Even veg that is beginning to go soft or anything like that, soup is a great way to use them

I have added in a document on soup making in general as well as the 3 recipes.

Below are PDF and Word copies of the recipes.

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